Aug 8, 2008

The Other Man Support

Dennis Schleicher was launched into national prominence as an international spokesperson for both the gay and straight community, a career he began when he was bashed in high school by his peers because he was thought to be gay. At the time, in 1990, he was invited to 7 national TV talk shows including "Larry King Live" and "Sally Jessy Raphael" to tell his story, a story that ultimately became the impetus to write his now best-selling memoir, "Forbidden Love With a Married Man: E-mail Diaries."

In addition to working on his second book "The Other Man," he has a weekly radio call-in show, "Talk Is Cheap." Schleicher has become the international spokesperson for the genre of married men who are gay. He gets calls from all over the world from people who are like himself (dating a married man) and women who have been questioning their husband’s orientation. He does an AOL chat room every Sunday for married men looking for guidance to come out. And for men like himself, who found them trapped in a triangular moral dilemma being the other Man.
With his candid and no holds bar he is a certified Tantric coach and works with couples on maintaining a healthy and sexually charged relationship
Be safe-
Dennis Schleicher

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